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          ROY TURNER DURRANT (1925-98)
          Walberswickshire (1957)
          Oil on board
          32" x 47" (810mm x 1220mm)

          Signed and dated lower left
          (Signed, dated and inscribed verso)

                                                                                                                       My Art Is Me
          Exhibited: Modern British Artists, London, 2006                                          My art is me or nothing is my art;

                                                                               And rob the circle over me of more than crooked hand
          Provenance: Private Collection, London (purchased from             Or bludged thigh sizes under me before I reach the core
                               the above)                                Or nothing left beyond but scrapes it dry and leaves a frond,

                                                                                                     A nothing of a me or never start
                                                                                              To make or cry the sullen room below;
                                                                                                   My art is me or nothing is my art.

                                                                                             I would not cry if all the skin were black,
                                                                                     The tarry hide exposed under the preying birds,
                                                                                            Or never left it down without a belt of art;
                                                                                                  My sin is me or nothing is my soul.
                                                                                                If I cry once at worlds of word inside,

                                                                              If I am worth a jot (and damn the psalters on the shelf),
                                                                                                   My art is me or nothing is my art.
                                                                                   I am the justice of the signs that turvy in my cage,

                                                                                      I am my art or nothing I have left is worth a jot.

                                                                                                                Roy Turner Durrant
          Mark Barrow Fine Art represents the artists' estate                                      Published in 'A Rag Book of Love' (1960)

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