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          DAVID PRENTICE (b.1936)
          Cats & Dogs (1986)
          Oil on canvas
          60" x 60" (1525mm x 1525mm)

          Exhibited: 'David Prentice: As Old As The Hills', Nottingham
                           University Art Gallery, Mar-Apr 1987

                           (ill. on cat. back cover)

          Provenance: Private Collection, UK (purchased from
                               the above exhibition)

          Notes: the original catalogue accompanies this work

                                                                          "[Cats & Dogs] describes the experience of driving through
                                                                               dramatic shifts of climate and terrain, the physical and
                                                                              atmospheric drama of the Pyrenees, Central Spain and
                                                                      Catalonia were the counterpoint to my newly found freedoms...

                                                                                         and are a synthesis of [those] experiences."

                                                                                                                     David Prentice

                                                                                                   Published in 'As Old As The Hills' (1987)

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