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                                                                      I first came across the work of Roy Turner Durrant 15 or so
                                                                      years ago, when I happened on a painting in a gallery in
                                                                      Gloucestershire. It was only a small piece, some 6" x 4", but
                                                                      it drew my attention immediately, calling to me from right
                                                                      across the other side of the room. I was struck by the sheer
                                                                      quality of the handling and the complexity of the composition.
                                                                      Although small in size, it was huge in scale: and the
                                                                      draughtsmanship was second to none. Here was a painter
                                                                      who really knew his stuff... I had to find out more.

                                                                      I purchased the piece there and then and set about tracking
                                                                      down the artist's family to see what, if any, other works might
                                                                      be available. And what a treasure trove I found! That was the
                                                                      start of what has become a long and happy relationship, and
                                                                      it gives me great pleasure to now be able to present a series
                                                                      of major survey catalogues examining Durrant's work
                                                                      throughout his 50 year career.

                                                                      This first catalogue focusses on the period 1950-1955 and
                                                                      presents a selection of paintings and drawings taken directly
                                                                      from the artist's estate.

                                                                      In reviewing Durrant's one-man show at Parson's Gallery in
                                                                      1953, Eric Newton sums up perfectly my feeling for RTD's
                                                                      work, 'immensely inventive. He has a stimulating sense of
                                                                      pure form, is resourceful in colour and his complex design is
                                                                      always firmly welded and beautifully placed.'

                                                                      Roy Turner Durrant is a true original of very rare quality.

                                                                                                                       Mark Barrow
          Roy Turner Durrant in his studio (March 1954)

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