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                                                                      This catalogue brings together the work of two different
                                                                      artists separated by some 40+ years; the modern British
                                                                      painter Roy Turner Durrant and the contemporary ceramicist
                                                                      Sam Hall.

                                                                      Although Durrant's work falls into the category of 'painting',
                                                                      he incorporates in each piece a whole array of different
                                                                      media, including gouache, inks, resists, scratching and
                                                                      incising, as well are grit, dust and sand, making the texture of
                                                                      each piece as important as the overall composition.

                                                                      Hall's work is very much rooted in the pottery tradition of St.
                                                                      Ives, where the artist lives and works. He creates vessels
                                                                      using traditional throwing techniques on a wheel, which he
                                                                      then carefully compresses to a flattened cylindrical form that
                                                                      he embellishes through a series of firings with added oxides,
                                                                      glazes, gouging and often text in much the same way a
                                                                      painter would attack a canvas.

                                                                      So although these artists never met (or in fact knew of one
                                                                      another's work), they both share many of the same concerns
                                                                      and challenges within their work, forming a very natural
                                                                      dialogue between each oeuvre, defiantly blurring the
                                                                      boundaries between what can be termed as 2D and 3D art.

                                                                                                                       Mark Barrow

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