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M A R K  B A R R O W  F I N E  A R T

                  ALAN DAVIE (b.1920)

                  Red Ball Game (1960)
                  Oil on board

                  24" x 30" (610mm x 760mm)

                  Signed, dated and inscribed verso

                  Provenance: Private Collection, UK (acquired from the artist)

                  ‘Davie is less concerned with the production of objets d’art than with the processes of intuition
                  and enlightenment. To talk of his paintings in terms of Zen philosophy is more realistic than to
                  assign to them the outward appearances of taschism (because his painting is gestural and
                  spontaneous), or abstraction (because the elements are largely non-representational). A painting
                  by Davie is a concentrated synthesis of illuminations snatched from the living moment... the
                  composition of poetry, painting, gliding, deep-sea diving and jazz-playing. The result is invariably
                  that of an inspired improvization’.

                                                                                   Michael Horovitz, Art In Progress, Methuen, 1963

                                        w w w . m a r k b a r r o w f i n e a r t . c o . u k
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