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M A R K  B A R R O W  F I N E  A R T

                  KEITH VAUGHAN (1912-77)

                  Nude Washing at a Tap (1953)
                  Oil on canvas

                  33" x 25" (840mm x 640mm)

                  Signed and dated lower right (signed, dated and inscribed verso)

                  Provenance: Private Collection, USA (purchased from the exhibition below)

                  Exhibited: Keith Vaughan - Paintings & Gouaches, Durlacher Bros., New York, 1955

                  In his introduction to Vaughan’s first retrospective in 1964, the critic David Thompson observed
                  of this period of the artists’ oeuvre, ‘Vaughan’s intelligence and thoughtfulness as a figure
                  draughtsman becomes increasingly apparent. One of his most powerful and most beautifully
                  developed gifts is an ability to inform a stylized sequence of forms with a precise knowledge of
                  how bodies and limbs articulate. The grace, the muscular tension, the flow of noble gesture, are
                  concentrated in the silhouette, in the long, sprung arcs that are so typical of his drawings... in this
                  pictorial interplay of statement and suggestion, line and plane, surface and volume, Vaughan is at
                  his most brilliantly Cezannesque’.

                                        w w w . m a r k b a r r o w f i n e a r t . c o . u k
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