Mark Barrow Fine Art Summer Collection 2014 - page 12

Two Heads
Gouache, watercolour and charcoal on paper
20¾" x 14½" (525mm x 365mm)
Signed and dated lower right
(signed, dated August 1946 & inscribed verso)
Exhibited: 'Junge Kunst', Galerie Hamburg, Germany,
March-April 1947 (Cat. No. 3)
Provenance: Private Collection, Germany
Reviewing Gear's work of the period, art critic and painter
Patrick Heron noted "the flat, clear, strong colours of the black
triangular patches, drawn in straight black lines of even
thickness, with which [William] Gear composes, are painted
swiftly and with assurance; at the surface these canvases are
boldly composed."
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