Mark Barrow Fine Art Summer Collection 2014 - page 18

Man with Child
Oil on canvas
6" x 9" (150mm x 230mm)
(Signed and incribed verso)
Provenance: Gifted to Phyllis Lawson (a pupil of Herman)
by the artist, thence by descent
"I want my studies of miners to be more real than portraits. I
am not trying to convey the abstraction of derelict pits and the
wasted face of an inductrialised landscape, but a synthesis of
the pride of human labour. I like the miners... their warm
humanity and their expressive occupational poses, the way
they squat, walk and hold themselves. The miner has thus
become, for me, both incidental and symbolic: incidental in
that I am not interested in him merely as a representative of a
particular industry; symbolic in his monumental appearance."
Josef Herman
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