Mark Barrow Fine Art Summer Collection 2014 - page 26

Winged Figures
Bronze (ed. 6)
11¾" x 9½" x 7¾" (300mm x 240mm x 200mm)
Farr & Chadwick 615
Exhibited: City Art Gallery, Gloucester, Sept-Oct 1972 (different cast)
Literature: 'Lynn Chadwick Sculpture', Lund Humphries, 2006 (ill. pg. 273)
Provenance: Private Collection, Holland
"I believe it is necessary for the artist to have feeling for the
method in which he works, whatever his medium. When I start
to work I wait till I feel what I want to do; and I know how I am
working by the presence or lack of a rhythmic impulse. I think
that to attempt to analyse the ability to draw ideas from their
subconscious source would almost certainly interfere with that
Lynn Chadwick
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