Mark Barrow Fine Art Summer Collection 2014 - page 42

Conjunction V
Bronze (ed. 9)
20½" x 13" x 9¾" (525mm x 330mm x 250mm)
Farr & Chadwick 277
Exhibited: Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Sofia Imber,
Caracas, Nov 1990 (different cast)
Literature: 'Architectural Design', April 1959 (iron version) (ill. pg. 152)
'Lynn Chadwick Sculpture', Lund Humphries, 2006 (ill. pg. 149)
Provenance: Private Collection, Canada
"Quite apart from the distinguished and highly original quality
of his imagination, it is the beauty and sensitivity of execution
that impresses. He may make use of the 'creative accident',
but the very sureness of his control makes most modern
sculpture look simply incompetent beside [Chadwick's] work."
Alan Bowness
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