Mark Barrow Fine Art Summer Collection 2014 - page 44

Ideas for Sculpture
Pencil and Coloured Conte on paper
10¾" x 7½" (275mm x 190mm)
Signed and dated '37 lower left
AG 37.62 (HMF 1337)
Exhibited: 'Henry Moore: Drawings, Watercolours &
Gouaches', Galerie Beyeler, Basel, 1970
(cat. no.36)
Literature: 'Henry Moore: Unpublished Drawings',
Edizione d'Arte Fratelli Pozzo, Torino,
1971 (ill. no 130)
'The Drawings of Henry Moore', Garland,
London & New York, 1984 (ill. no.204, pg.285)
'Henry Moore: Vol. 2 - Complete Drawings
1930-39' HMF/Lund Humphries, 1998
(ill. pg. 195)
Provenance: Private Collection, Switzerland
A very important drawing from a key developmental period in
Moore's work, where he starts to move away from the carved
wooden forms of the early 1930s and begins to introduce the
all important stringed elements that so typified his work
moving forwards and which were to influence a whole
generation of artists.
"The source of my stringed figures was the Science
Museum... I was fascinated by the mathematical models which
had been made to illustrate the differences of form. It was the
ability to look through the strings as with a bird cage and to
see one form within another that excited me."
Henry Moore
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