Mark Barrow Fine Art Summer Collection 2014 - page 56

Standing Figure
Bronze (ed.9)
30" high (760mm high)
Signed and numbered 1/9
Exhibited: Quinton Green Fine Art, London, 1986 (cat. no.12)
Literature: 'Robert Clatworthy', Sansom & Co., 2012 (pg. 133 / ill. 130)
Provenance: The Artist
Private Collection, UK
James O'Connor, reviewing a solo exhibition of Clatworthy at
Chapman Galley in 1988, wrote of "[Clatworthy's] molten
energy and tumultuous emotion. [He] deals with his materials
in an abstract way and ends up with a figurative result...
though the expressionist style is half a century old, Clatworthy
is totally contemporary".
James O'Connor
Galleries Magazine, April 1988
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