Mark Barrow Fine Art Summer Collection 2014 - page 66

Brown, Green, Blue
Gouache, crayon and graphite on paper
15¼" x 12" (385mm x 305mm)
Signed and dated '82 lower right
(Signed and inscribed verso)
Provenance: Private Collection, UK
'Milnes-Smith trained and practiced as an architect [and a]
sense of space prevades his work. He works intuitively,
building up and taking away. The subtlety of texture in
particular does not respond well to reproduction; in the flesh
surfaces are almost infinitely variegated, [they] play with depth
and perspective, with foreground and background, in a cool
free-floating lyrical geometry.'
Marina Vaizey
'John Milnes-Smith: Paintings 1949-89', Austin/Desmond, 1990
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